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Welcome to WWOOF Peru!

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WWOOF Peru is a new WWOOF organization. To insure that new organizations develop continuity and reliability, it is the policy of WWOOF to publish a duplicate of the farm list for a few months after a new WWOOF organization is formed. After that time, WWOOF Independents Latin America will stop publishing the WWOOF Peru list. 


To get the WWOOF Peru farm list you can join WWOOF Peru here or you can join any other country in WWOOF Latin America and get the Peru Farm List as part of your free WWOOF Independents Latin America membership. (The WWOOF Independents list is given free to all members of any WWOOF organization in Latin America).

If tou are already a member of any other country WWOOF in Latin America and have received your invitation to Independents Latin America, you can see the WWOOF Peru list here

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