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Host ID : BEZ016
We are a family with 2 small children. We are developing a low-key self- sustainable eco lodge/ retreat/ TRAINING CENTER set on 150 acres of natural jungle. Just starting so no major buildings as yet. Basic accommodation or BYO. Utilities are solar and we will be installing a micro hydro system in the coming months. We are building 1 acre of organic food along permaculture guidelines keeping the rest as native reserve. WORK INCLUDES SOWING, HARVESTING, GARDEN CREATION AND MAINTENANCE, COMPOSTING, SEED COLLECTION AND PROPAGATION, BUILDING, FENCING, COOKING AND CLEANING. Assist in the creation of this dynamic environmental education center and spend some time in the magnificent tropical rainforest with spectacular views. Visit our website.

Host ID : BEZ015

LOCATION : 640 acres located 10 miles from Punta Gorda, Belize in the southern part of the country. Unfortunatly, I will be in the USA at my job and will not be accepting guests at this time. Hopefully soon. Large organic farm that I have recently bought in southern Belize. It is 640 acres of approx one third oranges, one third empty fields and one third tropical rain forest. At this time I have a caretaker and I get down as often as possible. My plans are to grow cacao, cashews, vanilla, mangos, pineapples, bamboo, chiles, orchids and a lot of other plants for export.

Host ID : BEZ011

LOCATION : Near the centre of the seaside village of Hopkins in Belize is our small hotel. This garden was established in 1981 and is a fine and rare collection of tropical flora cultivated along purely organic lines and serves to be the setting for a two-room cabana and a single Garden Room that opens to the lobby and the beach. Help is needed to maintain the watering and repotting of the collection as well as general cleaning and upkeep, propagation, germination, etc. My name is Baron Swann and I have lived here in Hopins by the Sea for over 20 years. As a dedicated gardener I have created a unique garden that has become internationally renown. The accommodation that I may offer is a private room fully furnished with appointments for comfort and repose. It would be my pleasure to host a single male gardener over 40 who has carpentry skills and/or creative skills in pottery, for I make Pots and Jardineers for the collection. Please E- me before arriving in Hopkins Thanks Truly,




Host ID : BEZ017

LOCATION : About 9 miles from main highway Come assist us in founding an education center based on service learning. Currently we have 40 acres of old growth jungle, 7 acres are under cultivation. We focus on biodynamic stacked polyculture and terraced vegetable gardens. Be part of clearing land, transplanting, harvesting, processing, and building. Education is key here, you may be helping with workshops or school presentations This isn't a free ride, it's fun rewarding WORK. There are bugs, no complaining! Must help with household chores. You will also be expected to provide and share any bought groceries that are not from our farm. We share what we have, you share what you have or don't have it. You will have fun, eat well, work hard and learn a lot, unless you are a slacker, in that case, get a hotel and come for a day tour. Bring your own sheets and pillow. Visit our site to learn more.

Host ID : BEZ003

LOCATION : completely isolated Established organic farm on the coast in southern Belize. We grow mostly fruit tree crops, e.g. citrus, mangos, cacao, bananas, etc. Our trees are mature and bearing. We continue to plant new fruit and forest trees. Much of our place is forested and we do small-scale sustainable logging on a seasonal basis. Lots of varied work. Sometimes buggy. Isolated location; access is only by boat. If you need to use alcohol or other drugs to get through a day, do NOT visit us. We require a minimum stay of 7 days and are open to much longer visits. Communications are slow and unreliable, but we always answer if your query reaches us. Keep trying. Please tell us about your skills, interests and why you want to visit us. Please write in English.

Host ID: BEZ025
LOCATION: 40 km West of Belize International Airport -- go west on Burrell Boom Road, past Community Baboon Sanctuary, to the Village of Rancho Dolores, on Spanish Creek, in rural Belize River valley, rich soils.

We operate a family managed Farm bordering our 2000 acre wildlife and forest reserve.
The Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve is an important biological corridor. Our main focus is Bamboo cultivation and bamboo crafts and furniture. A large and diverse collection of tropical clumping bamboos in C. America. We also grow a variety of fruit tree crops and have a large subsistence food plantation and a huge organic garden. We raise chickens and horses, and are looking to further our farm's evolution with the help of volunteers..
Guest houses, palapas .
Primary lodge. Rainwater cachements and showers, great campsites .
Building additional palapas from jungle materials and thatch.
Food cooked on a gas stove inside the main lodge with organic produce from the garden.
Wireless satellite internet is available.

Host ID: BEZ028

We are new to Belize having relocated from Canada. We have a 30 acre piece land that had previoulsy been farmed. The clearing is completed and we are looking for energetic people who would like to contribute a few hours per week doing light contruction and farming in return for one home-cooked meal a day and access to fruits and vegetables. We are a half mile from bus service and only 6 miles to Belmopan which offers market open 6 days a week selling cheap local cuisine, fruits, veg and lots of interesting wares.

Lodging: Tenting platforms, hammok hut and small cabin.

Meals: one home-cooked meal a day and access to fruits and vegetables. Kitchen available.

Host ID: BEZ030

112 acre property, 90% in jungle bush with 3 trails and a small orchard. The property is a combination of hills and valleys with a few seasonal creeks. There is a flock of 22 sheep and assorted fowl. We are in the process of developing an organic & environmentally friendly farm.
Hard work will be required. There are bugs, however, the place is absolutely beautiful and a lovely piece of the world. You will enjoy your time here if you are a serious worker and reasonable person. Activities will include, but are not limited to, creation of an organic garden, composting, animal care, trail management, and development of a educational center.
There is no electricity, telephone communication is difficult but we are right on the road and easily accessible by public or private transportation- we are halfway between Independence and Punta Gorda. Short and long-term stays available.. There is a minimum of a 5 hour work day. 1 mile north of NImLe Punit Maya ruin.
Lodging: Thatch covered tent platform, communal shower and toilet. Meals: We offer 3 meals a day. Meals are cooked on a fire hearth.

Host ID: BEZ031

Liberty Farm is part of Liberty Foundation, a residential facility for abuse, neglected, and abandoned children. The 22 acres Farm is a new project which began in November 2008 with the goal of producing food to feed the children and generate income by selling excess produce to the community.
The farm is in its early phase of development. Prefer volunteers who can stay a minimum of three weeks.Housing and meals can be provided for volunteers. Police record checks are required from volunteers who will stay on the compound.
Lodging facilities are available on the residential compound.
Three meals are provide at the times schedule for the residents.

Host ID: BEZ032

Assistance in maintaining an ancient Creole Garden on the Beach~~~ Cleaning, Pruning,transplanting~~ mixing medium and potting ~~~ Making pots ~~ designing areas prpoagation et al

Lodging: Perfect room for one person with private egress~~fully furnished~~ in the main house

Meals: Breakfast at table before work`~`
Dinner after~~

Host ID: BEZ033

Located in a Mayan Village in the Toledo District of Belize in the Southern area. Walking distance to the town centre. Half hour from Punta Gorda a larger city.

Our farm is a member of the Toledo Cacao Growers Association which provides Cacao for the making of the high calibre Green and Golds chocolate bars.

Learn, organic farming methods right from the teachings of the agronomist and TCGA techniques. Pruning, harvesting, fermenting, drying, maintaining, cultivating, grafting, planting.

We have a nursery with 1800 new seedlings getting ready for grafting and transplanting. Also our property has Jimmy jappa, oranges, breadfruit, mangos, coconuts and more. We are open to having all other vegetables and fruits planted and cared for.

Fence building, enlargement of living accomodation, nursery work, stream cleanup, fence building and more can be worked on.

The farm is 14 acres and we have an offsite manager, so you will be the king of the hill so to say. We are very laid back, its a developing farm and open to all ideas.

Running town water to the property, fairly sparse living, but we have a solar system to set up, so you will learn all sorts of exciting things.

Lodging: Currently we have camping available, but the load of wood is there for a building a mayan building. We have a builder available to guide the first group of volunteers for building it.
Volunteers can stay as long as they like.

Meals:money will be provided so that the volunteer can purchase their own foods. Their are organic farms all around for the healthy individuals.


Host ID: BEZ035

For French-speakers
Maintenance,recolte ,transformation des differents produits. Francophones avec bonne connaissance de l'espagnol tolerance a la chaleur aux moustiques a l'isolement ayant mode de vie sain Participation a la recherche en ethnobotanie (usage des plantes) Participation a la synthese et a la dissemination de guides pratique en agriculture nouvelle durable organique Participatio a un guide de vie naturelle. Projet de communaute.Recherche Filles endurcies, pour debuter.J'ai deja publie un livre sur le sujet:Useful Plants Of Belize

Roulotte confortable

Aliments sains pour la plupart recolte sur place prepares par tous les participants

Host ID: BEZ036

We are putting in a 1.5 acre vegetable garden in late December and early January. We will need WWOOFers January through April 2010 to assist in vegetable and fruit production. Experience preferred but not required. Length of stay flexible. Farm has 25 ft waterfall, 300 citrus trees, mangos, chico sapadilio, bananas, plantain, chayote, and many other tropical fruit trees. Endless flowers. Lots of birds that love eating bananas and E Lang E Lang seeds. We make wine and drinking is allowed after work.
Farm is on major highway; buses pass 14 times per day in both directions. Easy access. Farm is 28 miles south of Belmopan in the Maya Mountains. Farm is 25 miles from Dangriga. Beautiful views.
WWOOFers are encourage to bring their own tent to stay in while at the farm. Depending on the number of visitors, cots may be an option, in which case a mosquito net would make sleeping more comfortable.

Meals are made and eaten with everybody's help! Typically rice and beans with veggies, occasionally chicken. Fruit is plentiful.

Host ID: BEZ037

Please see the following webpage for futher information.

comfortable cabanas
three meals per day included

Host ID: BEZ038

Type_of_Farm: Organic vegetables, fruits,
Crops: banana, plantains, cacao, sugar cane, papaya, mango, jamaican lemons, peppers, vegetable

Better in Belize is 130 acre of eco village. We have two Milpas (belizean farms)

The upper milpa has two acres of corn, organic potting station, mango, papaya, macal, cowfoot and a whole host of organic vegetables being planted. This we need your assistance with. We have had two organic gardens annihilated by leaf cutter ants and we are going hard again at it.

Lower milpa has our fruit garden mango, avocado, macal, pineapple, papaya, orange, coconut, peppers, breadfruit and breadnut.

We also are building nature paths through this most spectacular property, which boasts natural springs, mountain ranges, and sits on the front of the macal river.

We are totally off grid, have modern solar systems, rainwater catchment systems, cisterns, medicinal plants, plant markings, and we are as a mere 15 minute hike from a 70 foot gorgeous waterfall and swimming hole.

Surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, and cool people. We have a serious wwoof program.

We look for hard workers, expect to work 7 hours a day and 6 days a week.

Also we love musically or talented people, we have fireeaters, salsa dancers, guitar players, fire spinners, belly dancers etc. Great for evening entertainment.

There is always contruction projects going on, so if you want to lend a hand building, be our guest, we will teach you provided you have some knowledge.

Facilities, the best is to come prepared with your own tent. We have nice tent locations, and some tent platforms. Also we have upgraded lodge facilities if someone requires, pls email us.
Sometimes there is free space in the one building. we do have some tent locations under covered areas.

well this is an effort by all. 3 meals a day. but cooking is rotated and done by woofers. So bring your cooking specialties. There is a lot of vegetarian meals. So if you are a veggie head, come, you will fit in also.

Just starting out,have yoga teachers present,seeing what crops will grow and putting in the infrastructure(water/power,etc)i would like to make it into a training center. do vegetarian food.this is a lovely property (36 acres)set back at the foot of a mountain/jungle. with many waterfalls and streams.
i also have another 50 acres in two other locations that i an looking at putting row crops on. i need help from volunteers to cut back the jungle/bush. do websites for the farm,to teach and train. and also just for people to visit so you can see the beauty of Belize

camping at present.in the process of building dorms that i need help with

vegetarian meals provided.all share on cooking and cleaning on a roster basis untill we find a cook/chef

Volunteers will work a 8 hour 5 day week with time off for lots of sight seeing. Will be housed in cabanas or in tent, depending on choice. Duties will be assisting in cooking and cleaning, Fence construction, garden work, Animal maintainance and construction of buildings. General farm duties.

Tent and Cabana with a centralized cook shack and eating area.

3 times a day at the ranch during working days



Address and description: Located beside the ancient ruins of Lubaantun, across the river Columbia from San Pedro Columbia, about 30 mins from Punta Gorda in Southern Belize.
We are a family with 3 kids, and are just starting out on our Belize adventure. We are planing a large, self-sufficient kitchen garden, a fruit orchard and to raise, sheep, goats and horses and any other wierd and wonderful animals that come along!

Lodging in tents until we build huts, and at the moment a very much "join the family and help out" attitude is what we are looking for. We need to know what you are good at, and how you can help us. We will feed you (unless you are at your best as the cook!) and will be flexible on work / time off. Remember it is the jungle, there are spiders, bugs you have never imagined....and it is HOT! There are also tucans, parrots and butterflies that fly right around you in curiosity! We have built 1 palapa for our kitchen, and are planing more as acomodation Everything grows here, but comunication is slow, so please wait for any reply as we may take some time to get back to you."


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