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STEP 2: Make your payment.

A couple of days later you will receive an email INVITATION. You MUST follow the link in this invitation to activate your membership. If you do not receive this invitation within 5 days of making your payment, check your spam mail box. If it is not there, send us an email to wwoofmail@yahoo.com.


WWOOF Mexico, WWOOF Costa Rica, WWOOF Guatemala and WWOOF Belize are now offering a JOINT MEMBERSHIP for $33 U.S. Dollars!! ...over 20% savings ($45 U.S. if bought separately).


CLICK HERE TO PAY FOR YOUR Joint Membership to WWOOF Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Costa Rica______$33.00 (U.S.)

CLICK HERE TO PAY FOR YOUR One Year Membership to WWOOF Guatemala______$4.00 (U.S.)


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