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If you are already a member of WWOOF Guatemala, you can see the full list of farms with their contact information HERE. If you are not yet a member, you can only see this preview. The following list is only a preview intended to give you an idea of the type of farms you will see in the Farm List as a member. This preview might not be up-to-date and might contain some inaccurate information.



Host ID: GUA020

I am the father of two daughters, living all together next to the Petén Itza lake.  My farm project has two locations: one is my house with a large garden  where I have a plant nursery and 600m away I have 3,5 acres of land  where I wish to expend all the experiments I have done in the past seven  years. My farm project has many objectives : the primary one is to prove that  we can develop and administer an ecosystem as a way of sustainable life  that does not deplete the environment. The second is that, in addition  to this, developing one´s spirit is the way to achieve a happy and  fulfilling life. I recycled all kind of organic materials in some times unusual ways. The  ornamental plant nursery adds an element of beauty to the already  peaceful village. In the community, I am working to develop in the young generation a  sense of appreciation and respect for nature that begins with a trash  separation and recycling program. I need help in finishing the dormitories for volunteers as well as the  kitchen/dining area, the main house at the 3,5 acres land, as well as  land clearing, animal pens and watering system. Lots of work... Earthworm farming, composting, biogas fabrication, ornamental plant  reproduction, cheese making, food preservation ways, animal processing,  rope skills, surviving skills and more you can expect to learn while you  volunteer. The program asks for 30 hours per week that you can work in 3 to 5 days  to allow you to visit nearby places like Tikal, Yaxcha, El Mirador and  many others.



Host ID : GUA007
LOCATION : 6km from nearest town
TRAVEL : Bus from Guatemala City to San Jose Pinula, we can pick up from there.
Horse and ostrich ranch looking for help developing organic garden, building log cabins with wood from the ranch, taking care of an
imals, and more. We're looking to start a sustainable community here and there's a lot of room for creativity as we are just starting up. Hearty meals are provided as well as a furnished kitchen for volunteers, hot shower, good hiking and nearby farms to explore.



Host ID: GUA026

-Description of farm: Area of property 7.5 Acres. Volunteers stay in cabin that has 4 separate bedrooms 92 beds each). Bathrooms with showers (hot water) and electricity provided with solar panels. They get a safe to keep their personal belongings.They get 3 meals per day.  Minimum 1 month stay (if they want longer). Basic Spanish is required. Male and Female (20-50 years old). Working basically wearing jeans and t-shirt (bring some jacket/cardigan: at night it may get a little cold). Tennis shoes (2 pairs). Work 40 hours a week. Construction jobs: the building of adobe Tippis - structuring Meditational Pyramids out of bamboo poles.- Improving the aesthetic look of the Mayan altars around the land - structuring Gazebos around the grounds - building a Labyrinth - building a Stone Circle - Building & establishing a Bee Hive. Gardening: creative gardening & care of fruit trees (expert volunteers in this area) - caring for the Organic Garden - Bio farming. Educational: volunteers with experience in education (alternative) to establish a Children Alternative Eco-Educ. Program for the indigenous kids.Animal Care Environment. 

No drugs allowed or loud music from personal devices. Respect for traditions and culture of Mayan communities around the area. Good manners and nice attitude. Respect for nature an Parialaj facilities. 

Parialaj works with 100% organic products (different vegetables) using an ancestral system: The Spiral circles. No chemicals under any circumstance. Parialaj provides 100% pure water form 6 natural springs, recycles garbage and uses worm-composting as fertilizer.


Host ID: GUA025


We are a 10 minute ride from Flores/Santa Helena. We are an association of family, friends and neighbors who serve their community and nature. Every penny is shared with our community, our programs and the infrastructure required to cultivate. We are an approved non-profit of San Benito, Peten, Guatemala. We have multiple organic gardens averaging 20 x 30 m throughout our barrio. Our organic gardens are self-sustaining through the participation of our community and our volunteers. The produce form out organic gardens is distributed to the members of our community. Any excess produce is sold to support our various non-profit programs: english classes for kids and adults, clean-burning stoves, construction and more. We also have a free-range/organic chicken and goat project. Chickens are sold for eggs and excess roosters are sold at discounted price to needy families of our barrio. Goats are loaned to eat weeds instead of chopping and burning. The goats are milked and we also make goat cheese.

WWOOFers are expected to make a minimum two-week commitment and work 6 hours per day and 6 days per week in assisting with our coop community gardens, chickens, goats, combined with general upkeep and maintenance of all associated properties. WWOOFers are provided a safe, clean, sheltered, dry space to put their sleeping bag/mat, personal items and given three tyoical Guatemalan family meals a day., WWOOFers camp in tents that we provide in our compound or homestay with a family in barrio. WWOOFers also have access to shared bathroom/shower facilities. They are also provided with one hour internet access every other day in our compound. WWOOFer space is limited to 6. Applicants are encouraged to first review our site and then contact us directly in our site for an application for participation in our WWOOFin program.  


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