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Education/work LAPASSET Arthur


(2015-2017) --> French "BTS", 2 year course in horticulture equivalent to an undergraduate diploma. 

(2018-2019) As I just graduated from a Licence in Organic Agriculture from the University's Angers (49)

Work experience :

- (2018-2019) - Organic Market gardening - From production to Agricultural adviser in Jardin de l'Avenir,…


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Wwoofing Mexico


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A little about me

I work as a teacher and field instructor for a high-adventure boarding school for kids with learning disabilities.  I love being outside and getting exercise, as well as teaching kids and spending my time doing something of value.  I was recently accepted to graduate school, and will begin my Master's Degree in the fall.  I am pursuing my Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree, and want to work as a therapist/counselor in wilderness therapy after graduation.  My graduate school is…


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I'll be in South America, going from Colombia to Argentina, from the end of January until late June (2019). I'm looking for opportunities to work, to explore, to meet interesting people, and most importantly, to I'm traveling to learn from people. I'm really excited to learn about permaculture and sustainable lifestyles in a very hands-on way.

Hablo bastante español para comunicar, usualmente, y tengo la meta de aprender muchísimo más mientras estoy en este viaje. Estoy emocionado…


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La experienzia que quiero

Hola a todos
Estoy a punto de partir para un viaje emocionante a México, desde Yucatán hasta las Chiapas, todo por mi cuenta.
Me gustaría ser voluntario, pero como llevo años colaborando con niños de la calle en Nicaragua, me gustaría algo diferente. Pensé que WWOOF es adecuado para mí y busco las granjas de la forma en que quiero viajar en los meses de marzo y abril.
gracias a todos

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Looking for a farm for january or february

Hi !

I am looking for a farm in Costa Rica where there is children.

I travel with my daughter of 9 years old. We like nature, gardens and animals.

I am a artist and a yoga teacher, i have experienced working with plants and ecoconstruction. I am a hard worker, sympathic an d i like to learn and share ;)

We already stay 3 months in a organic farm in Canada and it was one of our best experience.

Write me back if you have any questions, it would be a pleasure…


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Looking for a job, anywhere in the world

I am looking for a job, anywhere in the world, in topics of agroecology, ecological agriculture, sustainable rural development, conservation and use of natural resources.

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developing resilient communities

we are a non profit Permaculture project working with families who where affected for the earthquake of 2016 with programs in agroecology, natural building and art projects.

we are looking for people who likes to be part of solving "global problems" team by sharing skills, time, good talks and smiling a lot...

if you are in this mood.. this is your place for sure!

come to join us soon!

you are very welcome!

Jorge Cabrera

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MacStowe in Mexico

Hello fellow WWOOFers!

We are MacStowe, a pair of intuitive guides hailing from America. We are currently starting our research in Mexico for our non profit under the same name. Our Mission: 

"We provide a space for all to thrive rather than survive." 

In a nutshell, we are spreading the energy of unconditional love. Everyone deserves people in their life that love them even when they don't love themselves, Giving them the perfect example of how…


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Corinne and Julien

Hi ! I'm an architect and my boyfriend is carpenter. We want to travel throught Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia to discover those beautiful lands and cultures. Julien speeks Spanish and a little of English. I speek English and just begin to learn Spanish ! We are passionate about nature, botanic, herbalism, yoga, eco-construction and art&craft. We like to learn and participate to collective works. We can construct, garden, cook, sew, knit, do pottery but we also can chill…


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Somos una pajera francesa de viaje en Colombia disponibles en abril. Estamos en Armenia por el momento. Yo hablo y entiendo el español si me hablan despacio. Fabien, mi novio comienza a aprender pero…

Somos una pajera francesa de viaje en Colombia disponibles en abril. Estamos en Armenia por el momento. Yo hablo y entiendo el español si me hablan despacio. Fabien, mi novio comienza a aprender pero habla ingles un poquito mejor. 

Muchas gracías por su comienza. 


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I will be in available in Colombia from the 20th of Feb to the 15 of March. I would love to practice my knowledge in sustainable living and permaculture, so if you need a volunteer please let me know <3

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some work history for employers



C. Luke Gurbin

100-1103 Lakeshore Road

Sarnia, Ontario  N7V 4J8



Work Skills


Forklift operator

Cleaning pools


Home inspection




Work History


O Dot Natural Health  Sarnia,…


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Looking motivated people

Hi  wwoofers community 

Actually we are doing somes initiatives with organic coffee and permacultural crops . The idea of this is to invite all those people to share the farm and the activities for some months to give continuity to the project that we want to run. It's at 1h30 from Quito way to the coast. Those who are interested to live in a little community contact me and we can talk about!:-)


DIEGO Riquelme

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Looking to Volunteer

I am looking for volunteer opportunities in Ecuador from December to February (3 months). 

I am a handyman with certification to teach English. 

I would like to learn organic farming and am happy to roll up my sleeves and help in any capacity.

.Please contact me if anyone is seeking a volunteer. I may be reached via email: gerryfitzgerald61@gmail.com; or on my mobile phone 1-403-352-9089. 

I am a Canadian who lives in the province of Alberta in Western…


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Come to visit us! Finca El Recuerdo is a magic place where to work, learn and get in touch with Nature.

Our farm is 3 hectares big and is situated at 2950 mt over the sea. We work on the rescue of several seeds from the region of the Andes, in particular we like to plant peruvian potatoes and corn. We plant as well a lot of italian traditional plants as artichoques, chicoria, tomatoes and different kinds of broccoli and lettuce. We have a greenhouse, where we plant the most delicated species and some marihuana that we use for making medical extracts, since is now legal in Colombia. We…


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Learning from those around us (from Oregon to Costa Rica, Belize, and Mexico)

We are just finishing the launch, establishment, and automation of our first homestead and community farm.  We are now branded and well-known, teaching classes on everything from primitive skills, no-till farming, and animal husbandry to ecosystem restoration, regenerative food systems, agricultural grant writing, food forest establishment, business development, and marketing.  The business is a wonderful success and example, but we feel called to do more.

After much…


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Maxime, work request.

Hello my name is Maxime, I am twenty years old and I'm french. I plan to improve my english to take back my studies in September in order to become a light master. I found the website workaway great, for me is the best way to learn english and have a big human experience. I use to be a bricklayer for four years which allows me to have a lot of knowledge in building, tinkering or maintenance.

I am dynamic, responsible, I am used to teamwork and I love it. I hope my profile will please…


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WWOOFer looking for work!

Hola! I am 26 years old, fit, fun and hard-working guy looking to work, learn, help and teach! Ideally I would like to be in the surroundings of the Sierra Nevada, Palomino, Guajira and Santa Marta areas as I am looking for some land there in the near future but I am open to go anywhere else if the project interests me. I love learning ways of construction, ecobuilding, ecofarming, sustainable agriculture, permaculture, etc. I am good as handyman, have traveled for many years, worked in…


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me llamo Paolo y desde años hago wwoofing en Italia y all estranjero adquiriendo buena esperiencia en agricoltura organica

me llamo Paolo y desde años hago wwoofing en Italia y all estranjero adquiriendo buena esperiencia en agricoltura organica


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