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Sorry, we are no longer offering a free WWOOF Independents membership with purchase of memberships of other WWOOF Lat Am countries.

For viewing and contacting host farms in Nicaragua, Honduras, French Guiana, Guyana Paraguay, Suriname, Panama, El Salvador, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay, please go to: wwoofindependents.org

If you are interested in adding a host farm located in any of the aforementioned countries, please complete the application on: https://wwoofindependents.wordpress.com/


WHAT IS WWOOF Latin America?

WWOOF Latin America is an information service linking volunteers with organic farms in Latin America. 

Farms listed WWOOF Latin America are part of a world-wide effort to promote the concept of organic farming, sustainable agriculture and responsible consumer habits. As part of this effort, host farms offer WWOOF members the opportunity to learn by doing. Listed farms will host WWOOF members free of charge. As a guest in a WWOOF farm your learning experience is based on you participating in the daily chores of running the farm. In doing so, you can learn a variety of techniques employed by member farms including organic farming, Permaculture and Biodynamics. In addition to learning about organic farming, you can also learn about the local ecology and culture while getting to meet fun and interesting people.

Your daily chores at member farms may include harvesting, preparing soil for planting, milking, cleaning pens, digging trenches, maintaining fences and such; and generally involve about 5 to 7 hours per day, 5 to 6 days per week. Each farm has its own chores, rules and schedules. You, the volunteer, are fully and completely responsible for planning and executing your volunteer experience. You are responsible for your own safety and well being and for vetting the farm at which you intend to volunteer.


To WWOOF/volunteer in a Latin American country, you need to purchase a membership of the WWOOF organization of each country you plan to visit.   Once you are a member, you will have access to the country's host farm list and you will be able to contact each farm directly to arrange your visit. 

Become a member! Step 1 - Create a PERSONAL profile by clicking on SIGN IN using your email and creating a password. Step 2 - Purchase a membership (payments can take up to 4 days to be processed). 3- Once your personal profile is approved, log in (using you email and password) and click on VIEW FARMS to contact the farms and plan your visit.

WWOOF Mexico and WWOOF Costa Rica require you to create a profile on their WWOOF Websites. 


ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP COSTS: Belize is $5, Guatemala $4, Mexico $20, Costa Rica $16, Colombia $18, Ecuador $10, Venezuela $10, Brasil $38, Argentina $30, Chile $40 (all in US Dlls). In addition to your payment, you must create a personal profile on WWOOF Costa Rica (for Costa Rica membership), WWOOF Mexico (for Mexico membership) and WWOOF Latin America (for all other Lat Am countries). Use the same email for payment and profile.

WWOOF organizations in Latin America are affiliated to the Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO) and WWOOF International Association (www.wwoof.net  and www.wwoofinternational.org). Both organisations promote environmentally friendly farming and consumer habits by helping bridge the gap between consumers and environmentally-responsible farmers.


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New Host Farm in Mexico


1-Farm: Buenavista
2-Owner:Diego Reséndiz
4-phone: 786 105 7464
5-languages spoken:English, french, spanish
6-Address: Loma de Chupio, Irimbo, Michoacan, Mexico.
8-description: 5 hectares pines and oaks. Building cabins, extracting pine resin, making agave sirop, growing mushrooms, making paths.
9-crops: Mushrooms, vegetables, pine resin, agave sirop.
10-active All year long
11-help needed: Making paths, building cabins, taping pine tres for resin, making agave sirop, growing mushrooms, cleaning, cooking.
12-work: 6 hours per day
13-work: 6 days per week
14-accommodations:Camping with wáter available, posibly in cabins
15-meals: Vegetarian food 3 times per day, morning , afternoon and night, with some snacks, tea, drinks etc.
16-rules: Smoking and drinking tolerated, being responsible and respectful.
17-Bring: Sleeping bag, rain gear, tent, flashlight, pocket knife.
18-Minimum stay of 2 weeks, there is no máximum stay.
19-The weather is temperate with rains from may to september. nights are always chilly and daytime temperatures can be warm. Bring a sleeping bag, a tent, a flashlight, a cell pone and warm clothes, The landscape is steep and there can be the occasional venomous snake, the scorpions however are not very venomous. The atmosphere will be easy going with some hard work, respectful learning and great experiences.

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